I love reading fics...i realky do.
so when an author takes like...100000000 years to post a new chapter of any of my favorite ones, i just...go ballistic! ;)
But that is really hipocrite of me! Because the last time i posted ANYTHING on here 100000000 years ago....T_T
So, this is a "apology-post" with all authors out there who i had sometime curse fom the very root ot my soul :D

Sad because Momoha is gone...

That was Momoha, wich i was told, means "Peach Nose" in Japanese...and i write "was" because she died today...or last night, i don't know, but when we went this morning to check out on her and her mother, she was dead...and she was an only child.
I'm so sad, because both of her parents are my dogs, and are old, so i tough, "This is it! She got pregnant, with just one baby, and we will keep her"
But now she is gone, and i'm really, really, really sad....And her mummy...oh, my poor "Muñeca" is sad too! IMG-20130402-00047
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Writer's Block: I wanna be just like you

Was there ever a fictional character who you admired so much that you strived to be like him or her?

Monkey D`Luffy from One Piece.
Yes, he is an idiot sometimes (well, most of the time), eats like 10 batallions of elephants together, wears the same clother ALWAYS, and...he is an IDIOT!
But at the same time, he is very inocent, and always fights for what is correct, never give up... I like that from him.
And of course, he is made of ruber!!!! XD

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Kind of sad...because my 10 year-old-dog (Who by the way, is called "Baby") got a heart atack...he is "fine" now, but...that made me remeberd, he won't be with me forever...TT-TT

Writer's Block: One day

Thanks god that hasn't happen to me...i've hear of fans who suffer a lot because of that.
But hypothetically speaking...i believe if the new proyects are wort my time...why not?

How do you feel when a favorite band breaks up? Do you still follow the original band members in their new projects?


Happy B-Day!

I don't know if you like to get "Happy B-Day wishes"; said that because a few people i know don't (crazy ones if you ask me), but...considering it is best to get more that less, here i am!
Happy B-Day! Wish god (or the entity in which whom you believe) get you a lot...thousand years more of live, and happiness, and of course, and INSPIRATION for you to keep writing your marvelous histories and...that's all.
XD Bye! Hope you have a very nice and funny day!!!

PD: i post it here because...i don't knot how to do it on your actual page!!!!
PDD. hope you see it...T-T

Writer's Block: Star struck

Do you think celebrities deserve as much recognition, attention, and money as we, as a society, give them? What do you think it says about our cultural values?

As any other work it deserve least that. I guess some of them actually love what they do, and don't just see it like an easy way of go though life and make easy money. but of course, there are some who just are SOOOO BAD, that makes me want to kiss their asses and send them to the moon. And other that just show their bodies, and thats all! XXXXX Millions of dollars for that! How unfair!
Should put them on an Emergency Room and show them what real work is!



Well...i open this was necessary for download something...which i already forgot what it was...jajajajaja
But i don't want to be erased! I feels sooo....definitive and... like i don't exist or something ...
As you can see, i'm not really good with words, but hey! I'm not a writer and ever will be.
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